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Cristy Sports offer a range of sturdy high quality tents that can be custom made to suit your style, needs and taste. Tents are carefully engineered to bring clients a top quality product that is only surpassed by their on the ground knowledge of the industry, professional workmanship and unique designs, making them "the" tentmakers in Cape Town.

Cristy Sports are purveyors of the newly developed and specifically designed lodge tents. Cristys' also manufactures items such as trailer tents, rooftop tents, special purpose tents, boat covers, dome tents, frame tents, truck sides, pvc work, gazebos and overland tents.

We take great personal pride, in the quality of tent product, we craft at our family run facility, in Cape Town. We recently received this e mail from a satisfied customer in Australia:

" Hi Doug,

Sorry I haven't been in touch but with Christmas and new year it has been busy. The tent is fantastic we are thrilled it's perfect it's great to think we have been able to order a tent over the Internet.  We are going to take some photos and we will send them onto you ASAP. So happy new year and we will be recommending your tents.

Thank you

Elizabeth Dusek "

And this from a customer in the UK:

I thought I would share a little Cristy Sports story with you. While living in the UK I missed camping and from my days working on Overland trucks I know how great canvas tents are (not a big product in Europe) anyway while searching for a good canvas tent I found one second hand on Gumtree UK I bought the tent and have used it regularly and love it so the reason it pertains to you is that it is a Cristy Sport tent that was bought by this guys family in the 80's and they traveled all over Africa with this tent. So here is a well done on great craftmanship....I may need some new poles soon BTW, but the tent as lasted three decades and is still going that's amazing.

Jonathan Tucker